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3D Ideas 923: Mud

Claire writes: “And suddenly it’s a new year. With hopes of a vaccine and lockdowns still to come, it’s a strange start to 2021. I wonder how the last couple of weeks have been for you?  Shutting the door away from talk of what our leaders should or should not be doing… talking about that with everyone… or something in between?

Here, in our house near the river, we have been watching the water flood nearby fields. We have heard from neighbours that this is normal. Now the snow melt and the floods are subsiding, the ham (riverside field) is back. It is there. And it is a mud bath. I went down there at the weekend and ventured in a bit. You can walk it carefully, but it’s probably best left a few days to dry out. Going down there now will just make the mud bath worse.

You have probably heard me say before how much I love the Chinese Proverb: The Banks of the Yangtse give it depth, drive and direction. Boundaries to conversations make them more useful.  And at times like this, life – or covid – floods in. Boundaries are broken. When the flood first hit here, I asked a dog walker: ‘How can I walk differently round here until the water goes down?’ That has proved a much more life giving exploration than ‘how do I walk on the ham while it’s under water?’ Whether you are thinking about your own stuff, or facilitating others to think, staying with what they can control, and how to walk differently until the pandemic reduces a bit, is what will give depth, drive and direction.”

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