3D Ideas 873: Adulting

Claire writes: “As I write, it is the end of Friday and it’s been a busy week at work, and a tough one personally with stuff going on.  We have a phrase in our family, introduced by the girls now that they work: Adulting is overrated!

At an event a couple of weeks ago, I found myself noticing with someone that the way they spoke to a colleague sounded a bit parent like.  The workplace needs adults and yet even when you like to treat colleagues with respect and belief that they can do things, that may not have been their experience in other roles or with other leaders.  Last week, in a training event, someone managed to stop saying ‘I think you should’ (which can be received as code for ‘because I think you haven’t thought about it’) and change it to ‘I’m thinking about x – is that useful’ at which point her colleague smiled and looked away, clearly thinking.

Adulting matters – it’s what it takes to empower people to be their best.”

This blog was inspired by an article in People Management: It’s time to stop parenting your team

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