3D Ideas 859: Which Way is Forward?

Claire writes: “It’s the little things that teach the most useful lessons.  We will do a video on this one – meanwhile, let me try and describe it in words.

If coaching is a process in which people move forward in their thinking, generally we need, in our minds, to be looking ahead together.  The risk in asking background questions is that they mentally turn around and start moving backwards.  

The past might be important – but think about encouraging them to glance over their shoulder rather than march back into the past.

And when they download past and present in bulk as you begin the conversation, try a future focussed question to interrupt.  “So today?” In two words, we have refocused forwards.

Often when conversations fail to move forward, it’s because we have spent most of the conversation looking the other way.

If you are a fan of the GROW coaching model, this is why it isn’t always useful to ask ‘what’s the reality?’ – except when it is.  You’ll only know that by asking – is this useful?”

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