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3D Ideas 794: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place

Claire is speaking at the UK ICF Conference on May 8th: Letting your partner lead the dance – are you coming?

Claire writes: “I had a bit of a revelation last week simply by tweaking the start of Day 2 of Transforming Conversations. I simply noticed that conversations are more likely to be transformational – where someone knows something about their own stuff that changes the way they look at things – if the coach (or facilitator) is looking at their face (and their feet!).

When people are thinking, it seems that our natural reaction is to look away and respect their emerging insights. That’s the very moment to look at their eyes. That’s when we can notice if they are thinking. When they come back, the most useful question to ask is ‘Where are we now?’. They will certainly have moved! People observing this say it looks much too direct. they only person who won’t say that is the thinker – they weren’t looking, after all!

Feet can sometimes give some useful insights, too.”

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