Congratulations to Claire and her friend Margaret Gray who are today’s recipients of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award,  which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. (It’s never too late to sponsor them as they are less than £1500 away from their £50000 target!)

Claire writes: “Completer Finisher is not my greatest strength. That is why teams are important when they can engage everyone’s strengths to achieve whatever we set out to achieve.

I unexpectedly formed a team when I asked a few friends to come for a walk last February with the hope that we would raise some awareness and some money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. We certainly did that. Completing the 12 walks in 12 month target has been down to the determination of many around us who have motivated me to keep going. That’s true in each half marathon walk. The final 4 miles are a slog and each of us have learned the bits we like and the stretches where we struggle the most. We are learning to make sure that at that stage we have the right people round us. In November, Carol and I fell off the back of the pack and found it increasingly difficult to keep going. In December we headed into that last 3 miles at the front resolved that we would keep a steady pace. And it worked. It’s not about being good at everything – it’s all about team work.”

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