3D Ideas 743: Move Again

face-636092_1280Claire writes: “We train people to use the simplest learning from coaching to transform the conversations they have at work.  And we are always learning simpler things ourselves! Last week it was how you can apply the simple idea of movement in selection. This is the email I received:


Interviewing today, all day. 
Down to two candidates. It’s 5.00pm
Panel of seven, back and forth we go 
Stuck we are, round and round the table we go, an hour is almost past and still we cannot break the stalemate. 
And then I remember my training!
Quoting your name as one does a patron saint I boldly declare “You have three seconds decide, in the left corner of the room it’s Jane in the right its Tim…3,2,1 move”
Three of us for Jane one for Tim and 3 undecided. 
Resolution in 2 minutes as they decide where and with whom to stand


Another great example of how getting out of our heads and moving can help us think more clearly.”
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