3D Ideas 741: Triage


Claire writes: “If you’re a leader or manager you’ll probably encounter colleagues who would clearly benefit from some conversations with someone… and you recognise that being diagnostic about what and how won’t be helpful. Neither will funding a course of sessions with someone of that’s not going to be the most useful thing to do.

Although coaching conversations can happen over time, we regularly have just one conversation with people.  Sometimes that is because we are simply using the conversation as triage.  It’s useful. It works and it is cost effective!

There are so many conversational interventions available – a friend, a coach, a mentor, a counsellor, a therapist and more.  One single confidential conversation can help someone identify for themselves what they need to work on and support them to think about the best way for that to happen. You may need someone external to do that, and you may equally have someone internally who can be equipped to do it.”


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