Su writes: ”Here’s one for people who feel a bit stuck in some way. This week I’ve been on a Driving Awareness Course online. There was some wisdom about creating space for ourselves on the motorway, and where there isn’t space we might find we’re driving in a more aggressive or frustrated way. For me zippy lane changers and under-takers make me feel anxious. Tail-gaters who are too close take my focus.

So create some space, our trainer told us. Then you’ll be able to see more clearly what’s happening here and what might be about to happen just ahead.  If something unexpected happens behind you, giving yourself space means you might be able to take remedial action rather than smashing into the car ahead. The lesson was all about space, and not about blaming other drivers, variable speed limits or debris in the road. 

Where do you need to create some space to see things more clearly, to ready yourself for what might be coming and make some good decisions?”

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