Claire writes: “My brother has just bought a fully electric car.  We were talking about his upcoming trip to my daughter’s when they will be right on the edge of the battery’s range.  He has already planned what to do. There’s a charging station at the place he is taking her so he is confident he can top up.  When he gets home, he knows he’ll have to put it on full charge.

That got me thinking about how we recharge as humans. A top up is great to give us enough oomph for the short term.  And there are times when only a full recharge will do.  Depending on how far Paul drives, topping up may be good enough every day.  And then after a long journey, it needs to be a full charge.  Over time I’m guessing that there will also be times when he will need a new battery.  The car and its associated apps tell him what’s needed.  As humans it is easy to override our early warning systems.  How do you pay attention to planning ahead to make sure you are topped up, and to do what is necessary to fully recharge? ”

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