Su writes: “I’m reading the brilliant book “The Rise and Reign of the Mammals” by Steve Brusatte. (apparently there used to be elephants the size of poodles scuttling around on the earth, which is an amazing thought).

Some things around time have struck me: “Natural selection doesn’t plan for the future, it only works in the present to adapt organisms to their immediate circumstances”. So although we might have ended up over these millions of years with things that are recognisable as dogs and cats and humans, the experience that led to that was in the here and now as new predators or a change in the climate catalysed a shift. The shift has to happen to keep progress moving. It is the same with us.

And I am struck by the humility of the paleontologists as they unlearnt what they thought they knew when digs brought surprising discoveries to light: having to put down well-grounded and comfortable theories on the world’s past and developing new ones.  

How prepared am I to put down my comfortable well-worn theories, and pick up something new and disturbing?”

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