Su writes “I love training our Action Learning Set Facilitator Training. Because it’s SO experiential the learning is often deep, profound and unexpected!

Recently I was with a great group of people who really knew the theory: really clear that the purpose of the learning set is to enable the Presenter to explore their own stuff rather than to give fixing solutions. And really clear that, having read through our material and received some input, they had all they needed to do it. 

And yet…. in our first practice, the Presenter brought a thing that connected at a very deep level with one of our group – and before they knew it they had put all the theory aside and were ready to launch into their experience and wisdom in order to tell the Presenter what to do! I could see the transformation in their face (Zoom is of course excellent for noticing such things!) as the theory went in the bin and their default behaviour took over. 

There’s no negative judgment attached to this: it’s just so normal in the moment to revert to what we know and have learnt over many years rather than the scary new approach. That’s why this experiential way of learning – by doing and reflecting – is so powerful. 

At the end of the first practice we reflected together on what happened.  With absolute steely conviction, the delegate said “I won’t do that again”. And she didn’t!

It’s easy to read things and think we know enough. It’s in the doing that we really know, at that deep, transformative level.”

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