Claire writes: “I’ve had a few of conversations recently with coach Robbie Swale about goals.  One was on his podcast the Coaches Journey. And one was in a real life walk in the Malvern Hills last weekend.

Robbie asked me how long it would take to do the circuit we had planned.  ‘About 90 minutes’, I said. Last time I climbed up the beast that is British Camp it was in the middle of a 15 mile training walk. It was a hot day and a huge effort. Now I have climbed up and up and up Spanish mountains, it felt like a molehill.  The company of Robbie and his daughter helped, so did the conversation.

It made me think that I have stretched my capacity by consistently climbing mountains. And that is true of goals.  When we have reached them over time, our capacity changes and things may become easier next time.

A goal for 2023 is to get our training accredited. Right now it feels like an administrative mountain.  This time I will be confident that short sessions that acclimatize us to what’s ahead will mean that we will make it! (and telling you helps that too!)”

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View from Hospitales Route, Camino Primitivo

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