Claire writes: “When I listen to people having conversations, and am asked to give feedback, the biggest pushback is when I notice that the conversation is too wide open and it is not clear enough
– What are we doing today?
– How shall we do it?
– How will we know we have done it?

The most common thing I hear back is this: we designed our work together before session 1, so we know what we are doing. And then it hit me… imagine you agree with a friend that you will be cinema buddies and go to films together every Thursday evening. That’s the agreement. But there are plenty of films on every week in your local cinema so you will need to make a choice each time – which film – which cinema, and more. Unless you do that they will end up coming to the film you want to see – even if they made a sneaky extra trip to see that film yesterday. We never know unless we ask – which is why we need to ask every single time!”

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