Claire is just back from sabbatical, so here is our last guest blogger for now, coach Nicky Chambers. It’s been such fun hosting our guests that we will have a guest slot once a month!

Nicky writes: “‘Take your clothes off, coach in the dark, coach over the phone, jump up and down to shake it all off before you get started if you need to’

This was feedback given to a coach mentee in a mentoring session recently… ie get out of your head, feel what’s there, stand in the not knowing, listen to them with ALL of your senses, your intuition, listen globally, respond to and be responsive to THEM. What’s there? What’s in the room? What’s going on for you? What’s going on for them? Notice, feel and then notice some more… listening at a level that is deeper than your ears, listening with your eyes closed .being present to them and what’s there and allow ALL of the vulnerability to be there. We are human. This is not perfect. But when they feel safe, when they feel that you trust them, and when you trust yourself, the most beautiful of things can happen

People feel heard. They feel trusted. They hear themselves and have access to a new way of being, new insights, and new ways of doing things. We just walk alongside them and create the space for that to happen

So… if in order to do that, to be in touch with your being which allows you to be in touch with their being, which in turn brings about insights, knowledge and wisdom, you have to ‘take your clothes off and coach in the dark’, do it. I’d highly recommend it.”

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