Peronel writes: “As I l listen, watch and experience coaches practicing their best work, there are a couple of things that I am looking out for.

  1. the big picture
  2. the detail                 

That covers it.

What I am doing is tracking a sailing boat that is set on a particular course to an agreed location.  With time, and the realities of tides and winds the course gets slightly adjusted.  Over a distance, this makes a difference as the end point can well be missed.

It only takes a small adaptation of the rudder or an adjustment to the sail,  to restore and reset the course to the point of destination.

My role as a mentor coach (listening to coaches coaching and giving feedback)  is to make a useful comment to the coach to enable them to see that an adjustment is required, bearing in mind the big picture and the detail.

A very small alteration to the line of travel gives an insight that the coach can adapt their own knowledge and experience.”

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