Su writes: “I have a great colleague at 3D Coaching (they’re all great colleagues!) who has coached me over years on some of my weak spots and vulnerabilities. One of these has been procrastination: for me that’s my ability to make a small and manageable task big and unwieldy by just leaving it…. and leaving it a bit more…. and then some more again. It was from her mouth that I first heard the wisdom (attributed to Mark Twain) that if it’s your job to eat a live frog, best to do it first thing in the morning. It’s something I’m getting better at: but I’ve gone back from time to time for more of this coaching.

She’s great at the ICF competency on Accountability. Now, if I’m avoiding frog-eating, I just bring her to mind and that spurs me on. The responsibility is in the right place – with me – but I’ve benefited from a great companion helping get me there.

Right now I’ve done that, I’d better get on with my next frog…”

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