Claire writes: “This is my last blog post before I hand over to a series of guest writers and head off to Spain to make my camino/ pilgrimage. For me, preparing for a space has already brought lots of learning.

When I started out in coaching and had a difficult session, or when I did a training or speaking event and it didn’t quite go as I had expected, I know that I didn’t manage my feelings then in the same way that I do now. What I know now is that everyone we meet is our teacher. When something goes well, there’s learning. And there’s learning when something goes wrong. After all, every ground rule that people create in a 1-1 or group setting is based on something that’s happened where things didn’t go so well. Which makes the people who were present for that event our teachers. I like that. And when things are difficult, that also makes me more willing to remember those present as my teachers so that next time I am in a similar situation, they don’t feel like ghosts who haunt me! In Coaching Constellations, John Whittington describes this as having resources – from our teachers. Not entanglements from our ghosts!

I’ll be back in October!”

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