Struggling with the paperwork?

  • ApplicationAre you struggling with filling out the paperwork?
  • Does your application form or your CV describe jobs you have done more than it describes who you are and the skills you bring?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get shortlisted?  Have you filled in lots of forms, but not been offered interviews?
  • Are you unsure how to bring skills from previous jobs into the current application?
  • Are your passions and integrity really reflected in your paperwork? Does it introduce YOU?

Is it time to look at the form/CV in a different way?

We will help you be very clear about all your skills and the evidence which you have for them. We will talk about how you do what you do which will help you be more engaged in the process and help selectors discern what’s different about you. The work we do will also help you prepare for the interview.

Call Sue on 01462 483798 or email to talk about how we can help you through a two hour focussed conversation.