Vocational Coaching

All clergy are involved with the discerning and encouraging of vocation. Some people are called to fulfil a vocation within the church, to ordained and to lay ministries. Everyone will express their Christian vocation in a whole variety of other ways, including in the workplace, in their neighbourhoods and communities and through parenting and caring within families. Clergy have a major responsibility in nurturing vocation, both within the church and more broadly. This workshop looks at some tools to help develop this task and ministry.

  • Connecting the bible and the workplace
  • Vocation and avocation
  • Some tools to discern talents and opportunities
  • How does God normally guide…?
  • Online access to all the career change/ choice/ vocation material that 3D have ever produced


The event can be run with a simple introduction to coaching for those who have no experience of working in this way.


“Vocation in the Church of England continues to be a rich area for conversation and debate as well as being an area in which there is confusion and misunderstanding. Claire Pedrick recently led an excellent day for around 90 clergy in the Willesden Episcopal Area of London which encouraged a real sense of exploration and illumination. The day equipped clergy well for their ministry of discernment and encouragement of the widest range of understandings of Christian Vocation. Especially helpful was Claire’s ability to frame the debate away from the limited view of vocation as, getting people to sign up for ordained ministry or what can we get people to do for the church! My clear impression throughout the day was that all those attending were fully engaged and left with new models which they could apply in their local situations. A really useful in-service training day.”

The Revd Dr Neil Evans Director of Ministry, Diocese of London

This workshop is based on 25 years of work in vocational discernment and shares some of the learning that 3D have had running vocational discernment workshops at Spring Harvest and the Seeking the Way course for the Diocese of St Albans.

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