Using Coaching: with teams (Core Systemic Thinking)

Although all conversations we have in coaching, even in 1-1s, reference wider systems of which we are a part, there is a special set of disciplines to help people think about team functioning from a systemic perspective.

Often we go into a team and our anxiety or need to control creates a structure that immediately frames what the group is going to do and immediately closes down possibilities. Wilfred Bion talks about beginning ‘without longing or desire’ with an open mind and a blank sheet.  That is a coaching approach – where we go in with a ‘don’t know mind.’ Without that, there is no faith in the power of group to do their stuff.

Core Systemic Thinking is a 20 hour programme which aims to help you take stock of the work that you are doing or will do with teams and to get under the surface, see what might be going on and think about small things that you might do differently, focussing on

By the end, we will understand better how to notice team and group behaviour in the context of the wider system and have understood dynamics at work in wider teams and groups so we can be better equipped have powerful conversations with whole teams or individuals within them.


The experiential course is residential and we have yet to set dates for 2019/20

Pre-Reading will be circulated in advance.  The course is for active coaching practitioners (or people regularly using a  coaching style at work) who have already done Transforming Conversations/Coaching for Excellence or equivalent



The course is based the rigorous framework of the ICF coaching competencies and is led by Alan Gyle and Claire Pedrick MCC.  This course can stand alone or be used towards portfolio accreditation with the ICF for those wishing to take coaching further.  The pilot for this course – Systemic Conversations – was run in 2016.


The group will form when there are 10 people committed to join us.  There will be a maximum of 16 delegates on each course so that there is plenty of mentoring and feedback.