Using Coaching: in transition

Coaching is all about change.  Doing things differently.  Being different. Taking on new things.  Breaking old habits.
For every change to be successful, there needs to be a transition.  The psychological shift if you like. Mind-set, attitudes, values – all of these need to alter before the change can be sustainable.

This masterclass is for coaches who want to understand the underpinnings of transition, so that they can approach coaching through this lens.

Each transition has an ending, a neutral zone and a beginning, according to William Bridges. Managed (or coached) well, each phase helps us to let go of old mind-sets, beliefs, assumptions and discover new ones that will propel us forward. By the end of this session, you will be able to:

“Clare is a fantastic exemplar of how to coach with minimal words/interventions. Timely and inspirational! Fantastic resource for those of us involved in coaching those moving to positions of first responsibility.” Training Officer, Bangor Diocese