Using Coaching: With Groups

Whether they are a group of strangers who have come together for a process or a work group who have complementary roles and come together sometimes, coaching can work well with groups.

It’s the same as 1-1 coaching – and slightly different.  This is a one day course facilitated by Claire Pedrick MCC where we will explore the similarities with 1-1 coaching and the areas where we can develop:


The course is for people with at least 26 hours coach specific training

Bookings:                          Email us to register your interest

Cost:                                   £180 inc VAT

The course is based the rigorous framework of the ICF coaching competencies.  This course can stand alone or be used as 7 hours (core competencies) towards portfolio accreditation with the ICF for those wishing to take coaching further.


The group will form when there are 10 people committed to join us.  There will be a maximum of 24 delegates on each course so that there is plenty of mentoring and feedback.


Jenny came to the 2017 training:

“Our coaching session with the parents’ and carers’ group went well and we will be building on it and doing it again!

Some people came in the hope of receiving ‘top tips’ and initially looked a bit shocked when it became clear that they would be doing all the work.

Once we got going, everyone seemed engaged – the brains were whirring and the pencils scratching away.

Quote from a group member in the session feedback ‘I’m taking action about the situation instead of hoping someone else will come along and sort it out…I am not alone and I feel more positive’.”

Dr. Jenny Forge, Consultant Psychiatrist