The Coaching Space

Sign up for practice sessions in The Coaching Space with

  • people from other 3D programmes (if you haven’t yet finished Transforming Conversations, this counts as training hours)
  • people who have finished a 3D programme including mentor coaching (this counts as coaching hours)

    How it works

     A member of the 3D team will be at the door to welcome you and set up the breakout rooms – then you are responsible for your own learning and managing your group. Leave when you have finished: the rooms will close at the end of 2 hours and you won’t return to the main room.

    Everyone gets a chance to coach and be coached and to notice.

    Feedback works like this:

    1. Coach on themselves – one thing I did well in the coaching & one thing I could develop
    2. Thinker on coach – one thing the coach did well in the coaching & one thing they could develop
    3. Noticer – watch the thinker thinking – what are you learning about noticing (NOT what are you learning about the thinker)

    For safety (and good process) it is essential that you do not talk about the thinker’s stuff in the feedback.

    You may choose to meet up again and practise. To count as training hours you will need to meet in the Coaching Space.


    • You can sign up anytime up to the day before
    • If you can’t come please give 24 hours notice
    • Please be punctual: we’ll close the door on time and won’t be able to let latecomers in!
    • You need to come ready to coach and be coached
    • Bring something to think about that is real and yours and needs some work
    • This is a training environment – mistakes will be made
    • Remember that people will come from different organisations, and may have different values from yours
    • Have your STOKeRS questions to hand
    • Keep the content confidential

    If you need the access code to book in please email