Bespoke, systemic, top-team coaching

Working with you to create unique interventions to release the talents of Boards and Exective Teams

In an age of scrunity, helping teams to reconcile internal company ambition and external stakeholder voice

In a fast-moving corporate world, helping teams to slow down for bigger, better thinking

Board and executive team level

We work with whole teams, at Board and Executive Team level, coaching in the moment to help them to work smarter, together. Our other colleagues from 3D are available to work with individuals, 121, but we focus exclusively on the whole team – its mind, its talents, its deep creativity.

Systemic lens

Teams are created to serve organisations but often find themselves caught up with their own internal worlds. We coach ‘systemically,’ ensuring that the team is always thinking about what it uniquely can do to meet the needs of the world beyond it.

Bespoke interventions

Teams already have the resources to do great things; the skill in coaching is in bringing out what is already there. So rather than come in with minds made up, we work with each client to design unique interventions that will release the innate ability of your team. We call this approach ‘artisan’ or ‘bespoke’.

Awareness of the unconscious

Teams know there is a lumbering emotional part to their lives that is so hard to control. We work with an awareness of the unconscious and are skilled at taming this elephant.

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We are based in London, UK and we work with teams nationally and internationally, in person and online.

By working with 3D Team  you are making a contribution to 3D's work with low-wage and no-wage young people through the 3D Youth coaching programme.