Coaching Supervision with Claire Pedrick MCC

The art of coaching  emerges as you make it your own – co-creating a conversation, reflecting, developing and integrating your learning. Sometimes it will be extraordinary. Sometimes it will be average.

Excellent coaching pays attention to the individual and the systems they inhabit. Supervision is a place to help you find your true voice and be real.

I offer 1-1 and group (platinum) supervision to coaches who are coaching a lot. Let’s talk.

And I have a supervision community to offer something accessible if you aren’t doing enough work to warrant the cost of monthly supervision.  

All my groups are a hybrid of supervision (the impact of coaching on you), mentor coaching (the nuts and bolts of what you do in the room), demos of the things we are exploring and human companionship – standing together as we learn.

We will work out what we need to do each time we meet. And we harvest the learning from one another and from our best teachers – the people we coach.

Claire Pedrick MCC

Claire Pedrick MCC

Coaching Supervisor, Mentor, Coach and Human. Host at The Coaching Inn Podcast

Claire’s Supervision Community

A subscription community for coaches who take development seriously and want to be part of a supervision group. There are different options depending on how much you are coaching. 

Suitable for coaches from any tribe – AC, APECS, EMCC, ICF (including people using coaching in another role). 

If you’re coaching more than 20 hours a month – book a 15min chat with Claire here


  • Access to an exclusive online community
  • Interact with content from Claire
  • Choose a membership stream that works for you
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Join and leave at any time
  • Manage and access membership via Patreon

Silver Membership

 The place to be if you are coaching for around 
5-10hrs a month 

£36 per month (plus tax)

  • Access up to ten live supervision sessions across the year

  • Send your questions before the live session and have two opportunities a year to work directly with Claire in the group – second Tuesday of every month 12:00-14.00 (UK) (except June & Sept)
  • One video a month exploring a theme that emerges in the live sessions
  • Early access to be part of Open Table podcasts at The Coaching Inn

  • £10 voucher to use in 3D shop

PLATInum Membership

 The place to be if you are coaching over 20hrs a month

£100 per month (plus tax)

  • Exclusive groups of up to 6 people who meet every month
  • Full access to everything in the supervision community
  • 10% off 3D Coaching shop
  • Get in touch with Claire to chat about this option – book a 15min chat here

Bronze Membership

Simply access our member’s resources and join the conversation

£10 per month (plus tax)

  • Free 7 day trial when you first join
  • One video a month exploring a theme that emerges in the live sessions

  • Monthly community coffee calls
  • Be part of the online community conversation
  • Exclusive offers and podcast episodes

Gold Membership

For those people coaching around
10-20 hours a month

£60 per month (plus tax)

  • Access to ten live supervision sessions across the year
  • Work with Claire three times directly in the live sessions on the first Friday of the month 14:00-16:00 (UK) (except June & Sept)
  • One video a month exploring a theme emerges in the live session
  • Priority access to last minute 1-1  supervision/ mentor coaching spaces with Claire
  • Early access to be part of Open Table podcasts at The Coaching Inn
  • Exclusive small group 
  • 5% off 3D Coaching shop and events 


How do I cancel my membership? And can I then resubscribe?

You can cancel your membership at any time, but you will immediately lose access to the online community and ability to come to the live sessions.  You will need to manage your membership via the Patreon platform. 

When can I use my opportunities to work with Claire?

You can bring your ‘thing’ to a live session and Claire will choose 6 people per session to work with. Your opportunities reset after a year’s membership.

What is the first live session I can come to?

Different streams give you different access to sessions – see above. But when you subscribe, you will get an invite to the next available live session for your stream. You don’t need to do anything, an invite will be emailed to you. 

What if you can’t come to a live session that you have access to?

Unfortunately we are unable to record the sessions. But you will have access to the online community video reflections. Your subscription is monthly and will be taken regardless of your attendance.  You will need to wait for the next live session available on your stream. Your access limits are on a rolling basis so you will always get invites for the sessions included in your stream while you are subscribed.

How can I bring a thing if I am a Bronze Member?

Every month Claire will pick a theme to explore in a video that will be shared with the whole community. This will be chosen from the community chat, emails you’ve sent, or themes that emerge in the live sessions. It will create a resource of stuff that will provoke your thinking and address many of the common questions that emerge in supervision.