Renewing ACC Mentor Coaching

Renew your ICF credential – deepen your learning

If you are renewing your ACC credential, you can have a different kind of mentor coaching this time. We know that you probably don’t have the hours to go for PCC because you aren’t coaching full time, or you’re using coaching in a hybrid way. Or you may have lost confidence on the way.

We cannot guarantee you will pass – that’s up to the discretion of the examiner – our role is to support you to become a better coach and give you direct and honest feedback against the competencies with areas to develop.

Make your renewal an opportunity to transform the conversations you have with others.

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Renewing ACC Group Mentor Coaching Details

Each group has a maximum of 6 people.

In total the ICF require you to have 40 hours development to renew. This gives you 21 hours. You’ll improve your hybrid conversations AND your pure coaching to make you a better coach for the next part of your journey.

It includes

  • three one hour 1-1s; at the beginning, middle and end of the programme.  Here your mentor will listen with you to a recording of you working with a thinker.  Together, we explore your strengths and areas to develop. It is likely that you will submit one or two of these recordings as part of your credential application
  • seven one hour group sessions. You learning will come from coaching, observation and feedback.  Your 3D mentor will pause and give feedback against the ICF Core Competencies. This practical work is where you will do your greatest development
  • Free access to pre-recorded masterclasses by Claire Pedrick MCC on each of the the ICF core coaching competencies. These are normally £120. This frees up the group time for experiential learning.

Dates : Get in touch if you would like to be the first to hear about the dates for 2023

Cost: Organisation/Corporate £720 + TAX or Individual £625 + TAX

If you are ordering from outside the UK – please email and we can arrange your payment via invoice with the appropriate tax for EU – and no tax for the rest of the world.

Ad Hoc Mentor Coaching Details

You can book in for one-off mentor coaching sessions. 

These can be used to count towards your ICF accreditation and can be arranged at anytime.  

Cost: What we charge you is based on what you charge others – contact us now by emailing to talk about how we can support your coaching journey. 

Book a chat with our team

Get in touch for 15 min chat where we can let you know the cost and avaliability for you.

Useful Information

All ICF renewals take place in December – so you need to have started your mentor coaching by at least September to include it in your application.

“it started out as ‘something I had to do for ICF’ and ended up being a massive learning experience which has deepened and expanded my coaching practice already.  I’m really grateful to you for your presence and feedback in both the 1:1’s and the group sessions.  Being part of the group was also a wonderful experience.”