Renewing ACC Mentor Coaching



Renew your ICF credential – deepen your learning

If you are renewing your ACC credential, you can have a different kind of mentor coaching this time. We know that you probably don’t have the hours to go for PCC because you aren’t coaching full time, or you’re using coaching in a hybrid way. Or you may have lost confidence on the way.

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You can make your ACC renewal count!

Once a year, Claire Pedrick, our MCC coach runs a Renewing ACC programme designed to give you some development that will escalate your coaching craft

  • Sign up for the 10 hours mentor coaching required by the ICF (3 one to one hours + 7 group)
  • and we will give you an additional 11 pre-recorded training hours – 8 hours on the 2021 core coaching competencies (normally £120) and 3 hours on ethics

In total the ICF require you to have 40 hours development to renew. This gives you 21 hours. You’ll improve your hybrid conversations AND your pure coaching to make you a better coach for the next part of your journey.

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Make your 2022 renewal an opportunity to transform the conversations you have with others.
Dates : Wednesday 2nd March ,Wednesday 6th April, Wednesday 4th May, Wednesday 8th June 2022. 
Times : 08.00-10.00 (UK)