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Have you done some coaching training with us (or another provider) and lost confidence or think you have forgotten stuff? Or do you want to know more about 3D and how we do what we do?

REFRESH your skills and regain your confidence in a one-off one hour live webinar with Claire Pedrick MCC where we will:

Claire’s passion is to simplify coaching so it’s easier to do and more effective! Check out her book, Simplifying Coaching.


Our next Refresh date is Tuesday 9th November 18.00-19.00 (UK)

Future Dates

in our Zoom room.


We ask that you give a minimum £10 donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association which is our favourite charity. (During lockdown, there is no expectation of donations for anyone who is not earning) .

“The Refresh session was a timely reminder for me of all I had learned on the 4 day course, two years ago in Liverpool. I realised that I have been using some of the techniques in conversation! In common with the 4 day course, it was all useful and very engaging!”

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