Pre-Recorded Training

Claire Pedrick MCC has recorded a number of asynchronous classes for coaches – new and experienced. They are all available in our shop

  • The Business of Coaching (3 hours)
  • Core Competency Masterclasses 2.0 Based on each of the 2021 ICF Core Competencies, each class includes a coaching demo with someone we have just met for the first time who has not had coaching. This means that what you hear replicates most closely what you experience when you are coaching.
  • 3D’s Ethics Masterclasses are available free at  The Coaching Inn podcast. (We are happy to provide certificates of attendance for all our recordings for a small admin fee, in exchange for a written reflection of what you are learning).

(NB If you are going for ICF accreditation, a maximum of 20% of your training hours can be pre-recorded.  The ICF calls this asynchronous training)