Coaching Practicums

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“One must learn by doing the thing; or though you think you know it you have no certainty until you try.” Sophocles, Trachiniac 415BC

If you want to take coaching further, joining a Coaching Practicum is a great place to start.  It is 8 hours of live online training where you can practice, observe and listen.

It’s hard to learn to listen while you are learning to ask questions at the same time. You don’t need to know much more theory.  3D’s Practicum is an opportunity to meet together in our virtual training room and practice asking questions and listening. We know how much you value having an experienced coach in the room, so we are on every call – listening, pausing, supporting and challenging.  Over the programme, everyone will get a turn to coach and be coached and plenty of opportunity to notice.

“I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their coaching practice principally through observing others and expert input from a Master Coach. ” Richard Lister

“Don’t hesitate, it will expand you more than you could ever imagine, the quality of this training is something you shouldn’t miss.” Jill Brown

Mondays 09.30-11.30 (UK) Online

  • 4th November 2019
  • 18th November 2019
  • 25th November 2019
  • 2nd December 2019

The next course will run in the Spring 2020.


Maximum: 12 people online in our virtual training room

“This is well worth doing if you want to make coaching a regular part of your life/work in any way. Be brave about the online format if you are not used to working that way. It’s a really good way to learn, and so cost effective. It still feels personal. You will learn so much from opportunity to be observed coaching/being coached  and will be reassured that everyone has a ‘learning edge’  and gets better at identifying what it is as the course goes on. The course members were all refreshingly honest about their learning.  I also found it very helpful to watch some recorded sessions back again afterwards and found I learnt even more second time around. ….especially watching myself being coached! The course has given me confidence to offer coaching in the education sector, and secured my belief that it is a really helpful, transforming process for Heads, teachers, support staff, governors, parents …….. and anyone who wants to reflect on possible ways forward in their life or business.
Pippa Rossiter (retired Head Teacher and working towards a coaching accreditation)

Who for? Anyone who has done Transforming Conversations/ Coaching for Excellence or equivalent coaching training.