Peronel Barnes PCC

Peronel is motivated by the desire to see communication working effectively – between colleagues, with clients, in companies and with children. Recognising the different skills and styles of conversation that can be had from a response to the news, a reaction to the view from the window or a reply to a question, Peronel respects the various ways we choose to converse, and delights in offering and demonstrating the widest variety of ways to talk.

Her coaching conversations take place across a wide platform of people and places – SME’s Managing Directors, Senior Department Managers, Start up Businesses.

At the heart of Peronel is an artist. She spends as much time as she can out walking in the countryside or by the sea, watching the light, how it changes, moves and alters her surroundings. She uses art with groups to initiate conversations which straddle boundaries within these groups or organisations. Her experience in the commercial, retail and business sector and in training help her to facilitate openness.

Peronel’s training includes:

  • Coaching for Excellence
  • Action Learning Set Facilitator Training
  • Certificate of Education
  • PCC accreditation with the International Coach Federation

And her background is:

  • 5 years as a coach
  • 5 years as an Interior Decorator, project manager and promoter of communication via art
  • 13 years in manufacturing and company management
  • 11 years in retail
  • 2 years teaching

In 2008, Peronel was commissioned by the Department of Health to provide them with a picture to support the second year of their campaign: Pacesetters – a flagship programme to deliver equality and human rights improvements and innovations resulting in:

The commissioned work, “Beneath”, was used as an award and recognition of for different PCTs that had taken part in the campaign with the byline ‘Look beneath the surface, change the way we think.‘

Peronel is happiest outdoors with a paint brush in her hand or swimming in clear blue seas. A non-academic, Peronel enjoys finishing projects simply (KISS) and delights in promoting communication through art. She lives in Oxford and has a wood cabin to escape to at the bottom of the garden.