Moving On Workshop

Do you want to equip your clergy to navigate the appointments process?

When it’s time to move on, clergy bring evidence from every part of their life. And are usually not very fluent or confident in communicating it! It’s common to find people who can’t, won’t or don’t know how to engage with the process of applications and interviews.

Moving On is

  • a 1 day workshop
  • to think about vocation
  • to understand the clergy appointments process
  • an opportunity to learn express who you really are – in applications, cvs and interviews

Participants will leave

  • being more confident about making an application for the right kind of job for them
  • feeling more comfortable about the tension between vocation and selection
  • understanding what’s different about what they uniquely bring to a role and being able to articulate how they do what they do

The reason that clergy are good at their jobs is that most don’t talk about themselves. Moving On will help you get fluent. Simply. It’s flexible to meet the needs of the group. The handouts we use are constantly updated to include new ideas as clergy make applications and go to interviews.

Thanks very much for the course – it was really good. Following the application which I submitted by email on the evening of day 2, I was shortlisted for interview and I have now been appointed to the post! Thanks for all your very timely help!”

“It was really helpful..and thank you for doing it in such a way that allows the introverts among us not having to work by talking to others all of the time!

“Moving on was an excellent day. It helped me get in touch with my vocation and to articulate it. I now feel confident to venture out of my comfort zone and apply for something different when the time comes to move on. Don’t leave this until you start applying.  Do it now.” Sarah Godfrey, Bath & Wells

  • The course is facilitated by trainers with extensive experience of vocational discernment and selection
  • We have worked through this process one to one and in groups for more than 20 years
  • We work with curates, experienced clergy and those going for senior appointments
  • All of our work comes from referral

Call Su on 07823 497967 or email us to talk about how we can meet the needs of your clergy as they prepare to move on. This can be through one to one work or through running events for groups.

Some dioceses are willing to invite others to join the courses which they are sponsoring.  Call the office for more details of what is coming up.