Examples: What 3D did with clergy changing jobs

“The main reason for my request for coaching was because I wanted to be prepared for future job interviews and as I had been in my present post for 15 years, had little experience of being interviewed, I wanted to go with some measure of confidence.

Kirsty helped me enormously in preparing my C.V. which I believe made a big difference as I was offered an interview on the very first job application. Kirsty also helped me through a variety of exercises to understand the kind of leader I am and the experience I have.

I now know how to produce a relevant C.V and and confident in explaing my leadership skills, style and experience.

My experience of 3D Coaching was superb and I have already recomended it to other colleagues.

Thanks you again for all your help, it was perfect. Kirsty was brilliant” SR October 2012


“I was recommended your services by Southwark Diocese (who also very generously helped to cover the cost) and I met with Su Blanch in preparation for my first incumbent’s interview.

Su was superb; professional, but really warm, friendly and approachable. We spent a little over two hours discussing the post, my previous experience and my concerns about the interview process.  Su gave me a formula to consider as I prepared for the interview and this was brilliant; it enabled me to go into the interview knowing I had the evidence to answer the questions.

Su also said to me that my role on the day of the interview was, “…not to get the job, but to fully reveal who I was”. This was inspired and was such a help on the day as it kept me focused instead of worrying what the other candidates were capable of.

After meeting with Su I realised this was truly preparing for an interview which I’d never done before and it was invaluable knowledge to have been given – I shudder to think how daunting this would have felt without this insight.

I cannot recommend 3D Coaching highly enough – thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me. ” Heidi Huntley



I left the industrial work place after seventeen years to train and become a priest for the Church of England. The assessment process for ordination was the last application I had been required to complete for ‘Getting a job’ in twenty three years. The process for moving on had always been an informal introduction by a Bishop to a parish to see whether a working relationship could exist.  The process has now dramatically changed where one is required to respond to adverts, apply with a CV, short listing and interview.

I will be ever grateful to 3D Coaching for providing appropriate time to discuss my application and CV in a friendly confidential environment on a one to one basis and spending valuable time identifying and developing my personal gifts that met with the specification of the job. I became aware through coaching that initially I had been selling myself on what I had previously achieved rather than concentrating on projecting myself from the experience that I was now able to offer in promoting the objectives of the new job which would resonate with those seeking to appoint.

3D Coaching clearly assisted me in a very practical way in bringing me up to speed with contemporary expectations and enabled to be interviewed with confidence. I recommend their professionalism and friendly approach to anyone who has a desire to move on.

Revd Canon David Harrex worked with Kirsty