Moving On Coaching

If it’s time to apply for a new role and you are unsure what it might be, how to fill out the paperwork, or how to be yourself at interview, you’re not alone. You may simply need some information.

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Need more?

If, having watched Su’s videos, you are still thinking that you need some support – or that you can’t, won’t or don’t want to engage with the process, talk to us.  A single two hour conversation can help you move forward. Our style is simple and effective. Our first question is: ‘What would you like to be different by the end of this conversation?’ You decide where intervention is needed.

By the end of the conversation, you’ll be able to

  • identify and recognise your transferable skills from the whole of your life and integrate them into an application
  • be looking at future possibilities that fit your vocation
  • get the right job without spin
  • know what you bring to a new job, and communicate that with a potential interviewer


“You offered some very simple advice and techniques that enabled me to totally change the way I present myself in interview and I felt I was able to show the real me. … which made the interview a dynamic dialogue rather than just a Q & A. You also gave me confidence in myself and I was able to go into the interview and clearly articulate with evidence how I fitted the profile.”



Our clergy coaches have extensive experience of working with clergy at all levels – from those in training to Bishops. All of us have experience of recruitment and selection in vocational organisations


Our reduced cost for clergy is £190 plus VAT. This includes preparatory material and a reasonable amount of follow up.

Su Blanch leads 3D Church. Contact her by emailing or call us on 07823 497967 to book your conversation.