Ministerial Review Training

If Ministerial Review is in service of affirming and developing vocation and calling and encouraging professional, personal and spiritual development, what skills do reviewers need to refine?

The review process is costly in time and money.  We will train your reviewers to work effectively so that the review is much more than a conversation.  Your reviewers come with an extensive toolkit of skills in reflection and powerful questioning and by the end of the day they will be able to:

  • Use existing skills even more effectively
  • Get clear boundaries about what is in and what is outside the review, using 3D’s STOKeRS
  • Manage the tension between a good process and progress
  • Use the distinctive listening required by review
  • Keep God in the picture
  • Understand where the pastor does or does not fit into the review process

We can help you develop the process so that it is far more than the film version of the paperwork, so that it is high in both grace and truth and builds on the skills and experience of these people so that everyone is satisfied that the process is working for everyone concerned from the clergy to the Bishop. Our ethos is about mutuality and not about judgement.

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Call us on 01462 483798 or email to talk about the particular needs in your context.

And talk to us about how supervision of reviewers can ensure that the review process makes a real difference in the local church and the diocese.

You can access the Church of England’s Ministry Review Guidance here.