Mentor Coaching for MCC

Let’s talk! For me, mastery is a journey of discovery rather than a badge of honour. This is about artful coaching and there’s often some stuff to leave behind. The ICF have useful definitions. At its heart this is about

  • presence
  • true partnership
  • bravery
  • not knowing
  • edgy listening
  • simplicity
  • wholeness

Claire Pedrick MCC

As you explore whether this journey is right for you, and whether I am the right mentor for you, recording a session (30-60 minutes) and listen to it yourself against that list. Then send me the recording with your reflections. I’ll listen to some of it too and then we can talk about whether we both think you’re ready for the next part of the journey and whether we would like to travel that together.

If we decide to work together, this is our first session. 

If you’re curious, let’s talk


How do we work?
There are many strands to this journey.  If we work together over time you will have free access to masterclasses that I have recorded about mastery in all the ICF competencies. You can count these as asynchronous training hours.  

We will listen to recordings together. One recording might give us enough material for a number of sessions.  We start by listening to the thinker and noticing partnership and presence.  We will come to what you did or didn’t do later on.  The relationship and its impact is always a great place to start – and you can start noticing that before we meet!

I don’t do packages at this level. We will agree what the journey will look like and how you will pay. My fee is in proportion to your fees so that the process is accessible to all and fair to us both.

I recommend that you start when you have 1750 hours coaching or 1 year before you reach the 2500 hours or your PCC renewal date. It’s not easy to make this journey quickly if you need to simplify!

I do and I don’t run groups for aspiring MCCs. We start with 1-1s. If there are others at your stage who would like to be in a group, I will talk with you about it. If you agree, we try out one group session. You pay your fair share of the group hour. I check in with you after (and outside) the group if you’d like to do that again.  It has to work for you.  Or you can bring your own group!