3D Masterclasses – for developing coaches

Here are 11 one hour Masterclasses from 2014/15 based on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies exploring what mastery looks like.  Facilitated by Claire Pedrick MCC, they include demonstrations, input and discussion.  If you are applying for coaching accreditation, the recordings can be used as 11 of the 12 training hours you are allowed that are asynchronous.  We can give you an attendance certificate on receipt of a summary of what you have learned from the 11 classes. Please note that the downloads are for individual use.  Talk to us about access for recordings for you to use across your organisation.


Microphone connected“Your class today was superb! I loved the models, the insights, the techniques, the peer learning and the real time learning from your the coaching session you did!” TM

“These classes are absolutely fantastic – I have got so much from them and plan to listen to some of them more than once. Thank you for being such a brilliant teacher and coach – you do it with such wisdom and knowledge yet with a lightness that is so refreshing.”

“Love Claire’s style and really appreciate her sharing of knowledge.  She is a great role model. Inspirational!” NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy

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You are advised to have attended a coaching skills training programme lasting at least 4 days (from any provider) before listening to these classes.