Journey to MCC

Each term Claire has a maximum of 5 places for MCC Mentor Coaching. Everything we do and teach is based on what the International Coach Federation define as coaching mastery.  Claire has over 10 000 hours of coaching in which she has learned to simplify, say less and watch transformation happen in those with whom she works.

Claire says: ‘The road to MCC mastery is a journey of discovery rather than a badge of honour and often there is some stuff to leave behind.  For me it is about

  1. true partnership
  2. bravery
  3. not knowing
  4. edgy listening
  5. simplicity
  6. wholeness
  7. authenticity

Not everyone wants to go on this journey – MCC Mentor Coaching is a whole lot more than PCC with hours.  Let’s talk.  I’ll ask you for a recent recording before we commit to working together.  That’s a chance for you and for me to listen to it against the MCC criteria to see what needs to happen.  It’s worth starting to collect a recording now (30-60 minutes). Or use the 1-7 list above which is my much simplified version!!

Send me the recording and some reflections and I’ll listen to some of it too – at no cost to you – and then we can talk about whether we both think you’re ready for the next step.  If we decide not to work together, I’ll ask for a donation to my charity fundraising.  If we go ahead, we will talk about what is a fair exchange for fees.  It is important to us that mentor coaching is affordable whatever your sector.