• Do you know that you’re not yourself at interviews
  • Are you good at getting the interview but not the job?
  • Do you feel that you don’t communicate enough of who you are at the interview?
  • Are you always a close second?

99% of the challenges people face at interview are fixable. We can help you explore how to arrive at the interview fully prepared and warmed up to communicate who you really are through a 2 hour conversation with one of our coaches

No spin – we promise.

Call Sue on 01462 483798 or email to talk about how we can help you.  If  your concern is about context, ask us where we have experience.  If it’s about clarity and confidence, the context is unimportant.

“Many, many thanks for the afternoon we spent going over interview techniques and looking at my strengths etc – I have found it very helpful.  I was extremely nervous waiting before the interview  and calm within it!  It’s usually the other way round.” CK

‘Claire’s careful analysis of my application, with constructive comments about how to improve it was most helpful. The interview training helped me to see that I had to give “my best example” of the things that I was taking about rather than assuming that the interviewer could work it out.’ MB

“Being able to have coaching over Skype was a huge benefit! I probably wouldn’t have pursued this opportunity if I’d had to travel to 3D’s offices.  It felt to me as though Su knew a lot about the particular issues faced by clergy in these scenarios, so I didn’t have to explain myself/the context – we could cut to the chase. The sessions I’ve had have really helped me to focus my interview preparation quite specifically, so it feels as though I’m using my time effectively and efficiently.”SN