3D: How we work

When you come and learn with us, we model what we know works. We know that

  • everyone comes with knowledge, skills and experience
  • you won’t learn anything new and you’ll notice a whole load of things you didn’t know you knew so that you can use them again
  •  having great conversations is about how we behave more than what we know – you are the material. Not the techniques you use
  • you will learn most by a combination of observation and practice with just enough supporting theory for you to be able to apply what you are learning

Working in this way is about changing behaviour more than acquiring knowledge so

  • we are committed to working with groups of 24 people or less unless it is a keynote talk to inspire new thinking because in a small group people have time to learn to change their behaviour – in a larger crowd there is too much of a back row to be confident that will happen
  • none of our training requires reading or written assignments. If it helps your learning to do deeper reading and write reflections, we are very happy to support you with this by making recommendations and reading what you write.

We work simply and all our events are emergent and fun. There is no powerpoint!

Our initial training is face to face.  Ongoing development is often done through our online training room which means that it easily accessible to all. This revisits all the learning again, and builds on it.  We are noticing that even when the same insights emerge for a second time, the learning deepens and you will see things in a new way.  It’s useful!