How we work

Our Principles

At it’s heart, coaching is simple and powerful… when we can learn to leave behind being the expert.

3D’s Coaching Principles are drawn from the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and you will find many practical tips and examples of how to apply them in our blog We are learning all the time, and simplify them as we go.

When you use these at the same time, it’s coaching.  And each principle can transform all kinds of other conversations.  

See below for our latest principles (revised Aug 2018)

Our Philosophy

People often ask what models we use in coaching and where our ideas come from.  We believe that a coaching style is more a behaviour that is formed through practice and reflection, than a box of knowledge that can be learned.  Becoming a master coach is like winning Masterchef – it’s all about distilling what you know into something more powerful, more simple and more effective.

See below for what else we believe

How we work

When you come and learn with 3D, we teach you the least you need to know do do great work. And we model what we know works. We know that

  • everyone comes with knowledge, skills and experience
  • you won’t learn anything new and you’ll notice a whole load of things you didn’t know you knew and will be able to use them more intentionally
  • having great conversations is about how we behave more than what we know. You are the material far more than any tools or techniques
  • you will learn most by a combination of observation and practice with just enough supporting theory to be able to apply what you are learning

Coaching is about how we are more than about how we are than about what we know so

  • we are committed to training groups of 24 people or less because in a small group people have time to learn to change their behaviour – in a larger crowd there is too much of a back row to be confident that will happen
  • none of our training requires reading or written assignments. This makes it particularly useful if you are neurodivergent If it helps your learning to do deeper reading and write reflections, we are very happy to support you with this by making recommendations and reading what you write
  • we work simply and all our events are emergent and fun. There is no powerpoint!

Much of our training is done on Zoom which means that it easily accessible to all.