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Health Coaching

‘New approaches to working with patients are required which increase patient confidence, self care,
decision making and lifestyle change.’ Health Education England

NHS trusts are having to reduce readmissions, improve patient compliance and get patients home quicker whilst maintain a safe service for all. How can you achieve this with no extra income?

We notice that using a coaching approach with patients can significantly change their outcomes, with added benefits to the organisation. Sam Walker, our health coaching lead has significant experience of using this successfully.  She has joined 3D Coaching to share this learning with other front line health care workers – nurses, social prescribers, health care assistants, ward clerks, liaison staff and more.  We know that it is difficult to get front line staff released for training and so we will work with you to find a solution that serves you best.  We never teach more than you need to know and you can begin to work differently with just a couple of hours development.

Working as a group our time together will explore a simple way of introducing a coaching approach to your day to day clinical interactions.  A coaching style can have a better impact for the patient, the staff and the budget.

3D Coaching have successfully delivered health coaching training in primary and secondary care settings, acute and
specialist environments.  We will shortly be launching social prescriber training online.

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Health coaching can be delivered to meet the needs of your organisation.  We partner with you and endeavour to find a way of sharing skills so that you can continue to develop staff in this way of working long after we have gone.

NHS England report that Better Conversations are the key to better health

Email info@3dcoaching.com or call us on 01462 483798 to find out how we can support your organisation to have better conversations with patients.

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