Health Coaching

Using a coaching approach to get better outcomes for patients

‘New approaches to working with patients are required which increase patient confidence, self care,
decision making and lifestyle change.’ Health Education England

NHS trusts are faced with having to reduce readmissions, improve patient compliance and get patients home quicker whilst maintain a safe service for all. With no extra income available how can this be achieved?

At 3D Coaching we have noticed that using a coaching approach with patients can significantly change their outcome, with added benefits to the organisation. Sam Walker, our health coaching lead has significant experience of using this successfully.  Find out from a nurse at Moorfields Eye Hospital about the impact it has had there.  Here is a small part of Sam’s story.  Sam will be leading a free 30 minute webinar on Thursday 17th January 2019 if you want to know more:

A patient was a regular on the ward. The staff knew her well and she knew all the ward staff by first name. She was affectionately identified as ‘a bit of a stick in the mud, there is no telling her what’s best she won’t do it and she will be back in a week.’

Having a coaching style conversation with this lady enabled her to focus on what was keeping her from staying at home for longer. She learnt about herself, the impact she had on others and what different approaches she could use.

A six month follow up call was made and I asked her ‘what is different that you can stay at home now?’ She replied, ‘I now know how to tell my carers what I need.’

Her admission costs in the 8 months prior to our time together were £26,000. After our time together her admission costs were reduced to £125 in 18 months, before she passed away at home.

Sam has joined 3D Coaching to share this learning with other front line health care workers – nurses, health care assistants, ward clerks, liaison staff and more.  We are aware that it is difficult to get front line staff released for training and so we work with you to find a solution that serves you best.  We never teach more than you need to know and you can begin to work differently with just a couple of hours development.

Working as a group our time together will explore a simple way of introducing a coaching approach to your day to day clinical interactions.  A coaching style can have a better impact for the patient, the staff and the budget.

Health coaching has been delivered successfully by 3D Coaching in primary and secondary care settings, acute and
specialist environments.

‘Using STOKeRS meant that a conversation with a regular patient that is usually an hour, was finished in 20 minutes, its amazing!’ Specialist support worker

‘I went in to see my patients with the sole purpose of using a coaching approach with them to see what would happen. I discharged most of them from my care and some of them actually thanked me
for it’ Community Matron

Using coaching has opened up conversations with my patients and their family that never would
have happened’ Consultant

Health coaching can be delivered to meet the needs of your organisation.  We will partner with you and endeavour to find a way of sharing skills that means you can continue to develop staff in this way of working long after we have gone.  For example at one London NHS Trust, they are videoing staff working in this way.  We will be filmed sharing our simple principles.  The video can then be used for training others.  Although we charge for our time, we never charge a licence fee to share our ideas.

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