Group Supervision

Supervision is exactly what you need if you want to reflect on how you are in coaching conversations, and explore what’s going on.  Our experienced supervisors offer online group supervision. There are a maximum of 6 people in each group. It will be run like an action learning set – with the group exploring the situation each person would like to think through.  There will be an experienced supervisor facilitating.



“An opportunity to be supported in my reflection of recent coaching issues and to explore means of addressing them more effectively. Through the supervision I was reminded how crucial it is to contract well at the outset.”  Jackie Lawlor

“ I found the Coaching supervision ‘taster’ workshop thought provoking and insightful – it caused me to re-examine my own coaching style and also to really consider the potential impact of a truly effective coaching session not only on the coachee but on myself as coach too. It also gave me a better understanding of what a supervisory coaching session would look like.” Melodie Hicks

CIPD recommend 1 hour of supervision for every 35 hours of coaching.  You can buy the number of sessions that suit your practice and your budget or click on your chosen date to pay as you go.  Each session is 90 minutes long and will be booked first come first served.


3 x 90 minute group sessions per year4 x 90 minute group sessions per year5 x 90 minute group sessions per year6 x 90 minute group sessions sessions per year
Individuals paying for themselves£202.50 inc VAT£265 inc VAT£327.50 inc VAT£385 inc VAT
Church paying£150 inc VAT£195 inc VAT£240 inc VAT£280 inc VAT
Other organisation paying£270 + VAT£350 + VAT£430 + VAT£500 + VAT

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