Resources for Coaching Business Builders

We love having guests at The Coaching Inn to share business building tips for coaches. Here are some favourite episodes from 2023.

Explore the best of 2023, guiding you through the intricacies of building a thriving coaching practice. Alongside this podcast selection, find our FAQs tailored for business builders. Addressing common queries and challenges, these FAQs are a valuable resource for marketing strategies, client acquisition, and refining your coaching niche.

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What are my next steps?

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started listening to the podcasts? What one thing could do you this week to build your business?

I need help getting accredited

We offer pathways to accreditation as well as a variety of training modules all of which can be used as training hours towards your accreditation or renewal.

How do connect with other coaches?

We have built our superivsion community to be open to everyone whether you have just started or have been in business for years. Join our monthly community coffees to meet other coaches - there is often a 'business builder' table!

I need to space to think it through

We woudl love to offer you a coaching space if that's useful. Book at chat with Su to find out more

Jane Hanson: Using videos to make an impact

There’s plenty of tips about creating great video content and we explore why it matters to be vulnerable.

Alex Swallow: Personal branding

How to be seen | Don’t put yourself under pressure | Taking time for what’s important to you | Being yourself and being adaptive and more...

Liz Ogborne: Talking about coaching to prospective thinkers

A deeper conversation about how we talk about coaching.

Keeley Vuong White: Branding your business

Keeley talks about her year of experimenting and how you’re the brand and it doesn’t have to be corporate because brand is only a tool.


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