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Find out about our upcoming coaching demos, one-off taster sessions, and packages that work as a great introduction to our work.

Insight: Live Training Taster with 3D

Do you want to know more about 3D and how we do what we do?

Have you trained as a coach and lost confidence or think you have forgotten stuff?

Refresh your skills and regain your confidence in a one-off one hour live webinar with Claire Pedrick MCC where we will:

  • work out together what we need to do for this to be a useful hour for you
  • remember some simple things that enable someone to feel heard and get new insights into their own stuff

Claire’s passion is to simplify coaching so it’s easier for you and more effective for the thinker!


Structure: 1 hour live online webinar with Claire Pedrick MCC.

Cost: FREE

If you would like to you can make a £10 donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association which is our favourite charity.

Live Coaching Demos


We will ask for 3 or 4 volunteer thinkers and will choose to work with one of you on the day.

They will work together for a maximum of 15 minutes and there will be plenty of time afterwards to explore what everyone is noticing. For safety, the session will not be recorded.

The only preparation you need to do in advance is to think about where is your learning edge is in your work, and to focus on looking for that. Looking for less will give you more insight.

Claire Pedrick MCC
Coming soon January 2025

Cost : £15 + TAX

 Su Blanch PCC
Tuesday 17th Sept 18:00-19:00 (UK)

Cost : £10 + TAX

Rebi Hedger ACC
Weds 20th Nov 8:30-9:30 (UK)

Cost : £5+ TAX


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