Equipping the Saints – Building Capacity for Quality Conversations

The world, the community and the church need high quality conversations.  Conversations where people want to take responsibility to grow and develop and where others are skilled in facilitating that to happen.  Whether it is clergy, community development, mission, pioneering, formation or day to day discipleship, we can rethink and reshape our relationships by having transformational conversations that are high in grace and truth and avoid dependency.

Churches and organisations continue to equip the saints for works of service by developing the capacity of your people to reflect, think and take responsibility. 3D’s 4 day Transforming Conversations programme has been shown to be a useful way of building confidence and competence in your people in their own parishes, communities and teams using some of the best and simplest skills from coaching.  For some that is enough and others would like to, or need to develop more skills and experience in order to be even more effective in their roles with individuals and also with groups or teams and offer their services free at the point of use.

“I found the four days very helpful and it certainly has changed the way I am operating. Last week I had around 20 curate/TI conversations and whilst I departed from the processes a good deal I certainly found that the quality of conversations and the outcomes were much better that I’d normally expect.” Archdeacon PS

Next Steps

Our dream is to develop, sustain and refresh a community of practitioners who can offer more in 1-1s and with groups


This is part of 3D’s vocational commitment to the organisational health of the church  –  in England, Wales and worldwide and we are committed to a developmental programme for 5 years.  Dioceses and organisations who wish to participate will commit to taking 2-4 places as an ongoing partnership in the programme to ensure quality development for participants.

What’s in it for you?


Our commitment to you will be to support a Community of Practice for these people through


We see this as a natural development of our vocation as an organisation.  It will help us to further encourage the spread of high quality conversations across the church and the world.

If you are interested in exploring this, please contact Claire Pedrick at 3D Coaching

June 2015




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