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Effective Conversations

We are learning that if we want to have effective conversations – where something useful is known at the end that was not known at the beginning, we need to create a container by asking (not telling!)

  • What are we doing here today?
  • How are we going to do it?
  • How will we know we have done it?dreamstime_xs_23935108

before we get into doing the work. This is the heart of coaching.

  • Effective Conversations is a one day taster where you will learn three simple things that will make a difference to the 1-1 conversations that you have. No prior knowledge is necessary
  • This can be developed in more depth in Transforming Conversations.
The course is taught in a group setting with the opportunity to have a go in a safe environment.  It is particularly helpful for people who want to have better conversations in specific settings.
 Courses we have run recently have included Effective Conversations:
  • for Safety
  • for Ministerial Review
  • after a Serious Incident
  • for Managers
  • for Country Representatives
  • about Vocation

Effective Conversations can be delivered as a half day, a one day or a modular webinar. We make it fit your context, your language and your people. Call us on 07823 497967  if you’d like to talk about running this in your organisation.

If you have colleagues who have completed Transforming Conversations, talk to us about how we can equip them to deliver this for you.


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