The Art and Science of Coaching

Art and Science of CoachingCoaching supervision is about the art and the science of coaching:

The art of coaching is to do with the context of your coaching and the dynamics of the way you engage together with your client. Often coaching is about meeting the client in a room where the door is closed on the organisation. Excellent coaching keeps the door open and ensures that the client is thinking in the context of the organisation. Our style is informed by Hawkins and Smith’s Seven Eyed Model of Supervision to refine the way you work with individuals in their context.

The science of coaching is concerned with continually developing your coaching skills – the content of what you do and say.  It is to do with how you coach.  We use the core coaching competencies of the ICF as a starting point for this.

Attention to both context and content ensures excellence and simplicity in the art and science of coaching.

We are passionate about excellence and simplicity in coaching. Supervision is the best way to develop professionally by integrating your acquired knowledge with what you are learning from working with those you coach. As you do this you will notice your coaching style becoming simpler and cleaner so that you the coach become less and less important in the coaching relationship.

You may decide that you need one or other of these approaches – or a combination of both.  Talk to Claire on 01462 483798 or email and we will be happy to explore the most cost-effective and sustainable way of doing that.

Coaching Supervision/ Mentor Coaching counts towards CPD hours with the ICF and other professional bodies.