Dates, Prices and Booking

None of our training requires reading or written assignments.  If it helps your learning to do deeper reading and write reflections, we are very happy to support you with this by making recommendations and reading what you write.

The best place to start is with Transforming Conversations or Action Learning and develop from there.  If you want to do more training, you can do it in any order.  All the courses will be repeated at least every 12-18 months. Scroll down to reserve your space. If you commit to the whole programme for accreditation we can do you a payment plan. Depending on which modules you choose, after you have done Transforming Conversations, it is approx £1200 – or £100 per month for a year.
CC = Core Competencies (min 48 hours for ACC applications)
RD = Resource Development (max 12 hours for ACC applications)
AS = Asynchronous a maximum of 12 training hours can be pre-recorded
If you want to go for ICF accreditation with us, you will need 45 hours of core and at least 15 hours of elective modules:   Email the office to book.


Day/Time Dates Hours Individual paying(inc VAT) Church/Small NFP Paying(inc VAT) Public Sector paying(+ VAT) Corporate paying (+ VAT) Notes
MASTERCLASSES – on each of the 11 ICF Core Competencies

With Claire Pedrick MCC

Pre-Recorded Anytime 11 (CC) £99 FREE if you join mentor coaching

With Claire Pedrick MCC

Online Zoom Room 27th July


2 (CC) £10    
COACHING SUPERVISION – Sign up to 3 or more online sessions a year with Claire Pedrick MCC (Mondays) and Clare Norman PCC (Fridays).  Come at a frequency to suit you – maximum 6 per session Fridays 10.00-11.30

Mondays 14.00-15.30 Online

8th September  2017

23rd October

8th December

25th January

2nd March 2018

16th April

25th May

16th July

£202.50 (3pa)

£265 (4pa)

£385 (6pa)


£150 (3pa)

£195 (4pa)

£280 (6pa)

Ask for details Ask for details 6 max

10 hours over a year – groups of 6. This gives all the mentor coaching hours required by the ICF for accreditation (includes 3 hours 1-1) with Claire Pedrick MCC




16.00-17.00 Online

11th September  2017

2nd October

6th November

11th December

8th January 2018

5th February

12th March Your 3 1-1 sessions will be arranged separately

£490 Ask for details Ask for details Ask for details 6 max
USING COACHING: IN THE CHURCH – unpacking the connections between coaching and faith with Claire Pedrick MCC Mondays 14.00-15.00 online


11th September 2017

25th September

6th November

20th November


4(CC) £140
USING COACHING: Over Time with Clare Norman PCC 10.00 – 11.00 15th September 2017

29th September

13th October

3rd November

17th November

5 £150 Ask for details Ask for details Ask for details
COACHING AT END OF LIFE live online training with Don Eisenhauer PCC Mondays



25th September 2017

2nd October

9th October

16th October

8 (CC) £240 Includes 2 books
Using Coaching: With GROUPS

With Claire Pedrick MCC and J Val Hastings MCC

09.30 – 17.00 Letchworth Garden City Monday 30th October 2017


7 (cc) £180
USING COACHING: For Discipleship Claire Pedrick MCC and J Val Hastings MCC 10.00 – 16.00 Letchworth Garden City Tuesday 31st October 2017


5 (CC) £150

With Claire Pedrick MCC

Online Zoom Room 6th November


2 (CC) £10    
USING COACHING: In transition with Clare Norman PCC 14.30 – 16.00


10th November 2017 1.5 £40        
ACTION LEARNING SET FACILITATOR TRAINING: 1 day learning how to coach many to one with Su Blanch ACC 09.00-17.00


Tuesday 7th November 2017 7 (CC) £275 £275 £416.66 £833.33 6 max
PRACTICUM: live online training where you can practice, observe and listen – with Claire Pedrick MCC Mondays 11.00-13.00 Online


8th January

22nd January

5th February

26th February


8 (CC) £150
VIRTUAL ACTION LEARNING – if you want to do many to one coaching online or on the phone, it makes sense to learn it that way – with Clare Norman PCC Fridays



5th January 13.00-15.00

19th January 13.00-15.30

2nd February  13.00-15.30

8 (CC) £275 £416.66 £833.33 Max 4

With Claire Pedrick MCC

Being an independent is as much about building the business as refining skill

Mondays 14.00-15.00 online 8th January

22nd January

5th February 12th February


4 (RD) £140
USING COACHING: In the Workplace

With Clare Norman PCC

12th January and 26th January


2 (RD) £50 inc VAT
CORE SYSTEMIC THINKING: 20 hours with Alan Gyle and Claire Pedrick MCC 2 days

Milton Keynes and 5 hours online

27 and 28 February 2018 and 8-9am on Thursday mornings


20 (CC) £530 inc VAT and B&B £530 inc VAT and B&B £740 + VAT £1200 + VAT
TRANSFORMING CONVERSATIONS: 4 days to embed this way of working with Claire Pedrick MCC 9-5 for 4 days

Milton Keynes

13 and 14 March

5 and 16 May 2018


28 (CC) £750 + VAT (early bird £640 + VAT)

B&B extra

£750 + VAT (early bird £640 + VAT)

B&B extra

£1500 inc B&B (early bird £1280) £3000 inc B&B (early bird £2560)
USING COACHING OVER TIME: with Clare Norman PCC Fridays


5th January 2018

19th January

2nd February

16th February

23rd February

5 (CC) £150