Community of Practice:

Equipping the Saints: Getting Better Together

March 2017 saw the launch of a Community of Practice for people using a coaching style in the church.  Read the journey here

We believe that better conversations transform lives, organisations and communities.  A significant amount of resource has been invested in developing a coaching style in order to facilitate those conversations.

The Community of Practice is a place to

People leading on coaching in their region or diocese are invited to our free monthly webinar where we share good practice, explore questions and more.  If you are building a more collaborative culture, here are some ideas that may be useful.

All of you are in areas where there are local and regional coaching groups which can support your development.  We are aware that using a coaching style in other conversations in your unique contexts is similar and different and that there are plenty of ideas and lessons to be shared as you try and develop good practice in the church.  Through encouraging people who are good and want to get better to meet and learn together, who knows what might be possible?  You could send a couple of representatives to our next residential . These people could learn and feedback into their own local networks and begin to get a sense of what the church needs nationally as well as locally.

The first residential was run as Open Space, sharing learning and questions on subjects such as

There will be a discussion board here shortly as a place to share questions and learning.  The next Community of Practice residential will be in January or April 2018.

The way to join the community is through one of 3D Coaching’s Transforming Conversations courses.

Contact the 3D office or any of our team to talk about what next for you?