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3D coaches help you get to the heart of the matter and do the thinking that you need to do.  We offer single session coaching which can help you press the reset button and give you new capability to look at yourself from a new perspective.  We also work with people over time if that’s useful.

People at Director level in the public sector and Senior Staff level in the church come to us – as well as graduates looking for their first jobs, and all kinds of people in between.

3D coaches

We expect you to


In our first conversation, we will determine together what kind of alliance we need to create in order to benefit your workplace and your people. We will work towards the best outcomes for you, your team and your organisation at a pace which suits you and your budget.  In this way both you and your employer will benefit from the investment in coaching.  This may take one conversation, or a series of conversations over weeks, months or years.  We don’t have a fixed approach because we know that you will achieve what you need to more quickly when we use our expertise and skill in ways that are relevant for you personally.

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Email info@3dcoaching.com or call us on 01462 483798 to talk about how we can help you.

What other people say...“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session.  It did bring me up short a bit; made me realise the extent to which I’d categorised a particular issue as ‘undoable’, ‘impossible’ and/or ‘I don’t want to take responsibility for this one’  Thank you again for your valuable, straight-talking, not-falling-for-any-waffle approach. “ Senior Manager

One of the things [our coaching]made me really understand (through experiencing it) is
just how long learning can go on for – even after the actual ‘learning’
experience. A lot of the things we talked about when we were working
together made a certain kind of sense at the time, but they’ve come to make
even more sense in the meantime.” AM

 “It’s funny. After I had verbalized my thoughts to you they seemed to be lessened. Always the way, I think.” AS


Our Clients Say It Best

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