Coaching/ Work Consultancy

Clergy coaching 3-4 times a year might be just the right support you need to implement the ideas which come up in your reviews. Our conversations are, we are told, high in grace and truth.

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Claire gave me permission to adopt the identity of a CEO in my role as Vicar. This has proved liberating and compliments my previous experience working for a local education authority. A CEO is encouraged to take a broad and long term development overview and to commission and manage projects. Project ‘All Saints” has become much more coherent as result”  James Mercer

“This time and process has taken a weary priest on the verge of giving up and given her a fresh perspective and a new freedom to live out her ministry as she was called to.  I’m exceptionally grateful.  Thank you.” AP

 “I found the process stretching and I really had to think creatively about the reality of situations and the desired outcomes. I came away from each session stimulated and excited having done some ‘good work.’ I have acted on the outcomes of our 2 sessions and found the results to have been very beneficial. Claire had great skill getting me to get the best out of my time. I am now able to reimagine the way that we run meetings to get the most out of time, the attendees, the agenda and how to the space that a meeting is taking place in well. The Experience was really worth the travel and time – I’m still buzzing and feel I could be more effective as a chair now.’ Father Simon
“I came because we were experiencing an expansion in our ministry team and I was (a) keen to make the most of the opportunity, and (b) aware of having limited experience in leading and managing teams.   The process was very reflective, and helped me to see how circumstances in my personal life were having a bearing on how I was approaching the task of leading the team, sometimes negatively. I came away more aware of how what I was experiencing would affect the team, and with a number of practical areas to focus on in growing my leadership in my ministry setting.” The Revd Charles Hudson